Sexaholics Anonymous in the San Francisco Bay Area

Welcome to the SA Bay Area website!

Come back often for more info and resources on Sexaholics Anonymous in the San Francisco Bay Area.  See our events page for Local, Regional and International events.

SA is a program of recovery for those who want to stop their sexually self-destructive thinking and behavior.

Here you will find locations for Information Meetings in the greater Northern California area (excluding the greater Sacramento and Central Valley areas).  Print out a meeting directory and keep a copy with you.

Before joining a group, prospective members are suggested to first attend an Information Meeting if possible.  If not, there’s no issue whatsoever.  Always remember, newcomers are welcome to any and all meetings.

To help you decide if you have a problem with lust and sexually self-destructive behavior, you may wish to read selected items from our literature.

You may also obtain information on how to purchase literature at the Northern California SA Intergroup site.

Also, anyone interested in starting a meeting in the Petaluma Area, please contact the Intergroup.

Northern California SA Intergroup (NCSAI)
PO Box 5081
Santa Clara, CA 95056-5081

Information: 510-926-6272 or